Multiplying healthy, reproducing leaders for the kingdom.


Partnering to develop healthy, growing missional leaders to expand the kingdom of God in the present age.


Core Values



  • Serve the credentialing agents in the Church of God through a consistent pathway to ordination and leader development, honoring the National Credential Manual
  • Prepare leaders who are enculturated in the mission of the gospel
  • Emphasize the development of practical ministry skills and behaviors to augment academic preparation
  • Committed to a relational learning model that values unity in the midst of diversity through wide accessibility



  • To challenge each participant to wrestle through their call, their belief system and their ministry practices
  • To provide opportunities to develop growing ministry relationships engaged in authentic community and accountability
  • To provide opportunities to prepare candidates for effective and healthy long-term ministry that results in reproducing other effective and healthy leaders



Leadership Focus is a 6 Course curriculum designed to prepare leaders for ordination in alignment with our goals and values. Candidates are assigned to a cluster group that they will “journey” with throughout the process; each cluster is comprised of 4 to 6 individuals from a variety of locations across the country. An experienced coach is assigned to the cluster for each module. Candidates will review and complete assignments, access general course resources, and track progress through our data system. Each course is 6 months in duration. At the end of the process, a candidate will have spent 3 years with their cluster group members and guided by 6 different coaches. The 6 courses are:

  • Commencement (introductory module)
  • Competencies
  • Character
  • Confessions
  • Connectivity
  • Celebrations

Leadership Focus candidates are gaining competencies in people skills, life-cycles, team building, conflict resolution, ethics, healthy boundaries, sound financial principles, theology, missional leadership, and a number of other practical skills.

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