A Word from Jim Lyon on Remembrance of 9-11

 In All Church of God


Today marks the anniversary of “the first” 9-11, that awful day etched in all of our memories on which so many thousands of innocents died in the terror attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. In the days following, Church of God Ministries, in partnership with our local churches, delivered over $200,000 in emergency relief to the victims’ families and others who were injured and maimed. Working with other relief teams, we made shelters and relief distribution centers possible in close proximity to Ground Zero. The legacy of the tragedy still stalks our world today; the legacy of Christian compassion demonstrated then still blesses today.

I encourage you to take a moment and prayerfully remember all that this day means. Ask the Lord to give our president wisdom in these days of the Syrian (and other) crises. Ask the Lord to hold the sites of the original 9-11 tragedy sacred, so that all who visit there will have a spiritual moment that draws them to our Lord. Ask for the Lord’s embrace of those surviving who were most directly affected, that they might be free and clothed with grace. And, thank God for all those who risked so much in the rescue and relief effort—including all in the Church of God who stepped up.

Prayer matters. Never underestimate its effect for the good.

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