In Brotherhood Mutual, MOVE

Maybe you participated in the Denver Convention or the recent webinar on the Employee Retention Credit. Maybe you’ve benefited from payroll resources or insurance coverage. Maybe your congregation, like Church of God Ministries, has found a trusted friend and partner in Brotherhood Mutual Insurance. Their presence at our conventions, not to mention their role as a resource to our leaders and congregations, help us prioritize ministry and make Jesus the subject across the communities in which God has called us to serve. For this, we’re ever so grateful.

As a congregation affiliated with Church of God Ministries, you, too, can benefit from ministry-specific programs uniquely designed by Brotherhood Mutual to support local, national, and international ministry efforts of the Church of God.

Take a closer look at their top-drawer resources by visiting the ministry partner page they’ve unveiled exclusively for the Church of God: https://www.brotherhoodmutual.com/ministry-partners/church-of-god/.

Brotherhood Mutual’s repertoire of resources is truly second-to-none. Whether it’s property coverage, liability insurance, or ministry stewardship resources, they’re the experts you can trust. Need guidance on prevention and response training, legal assistance, and payroll services? Brotherhood Mutual knows just how to take care of you. Mission travel insurance and a substantial library of safety articles, checklists, and ministry-related forms? They’ve got you covered. And, via periodic updates, our team will keep you informed as new resources become available.

The benefits of our partnership with Brotherhood Mutual extend to you and your ministries. Link arms with them. See for yourself what we’ve come to know. We’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied.

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