A Truly Global Event

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10.216-Design Proof 4-Global Gathering UpdateBy Bob Edwards

Global Gathering to Happen in Many Parts of the World

As the Global Gathering takes place here in Anderson, Indiana, regional gatherings will be happening throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

German leader Rainer Klinner was a member of the original Planning Committee for the Global Gathering. As we spoke of the plans for this special event, Rainer was given the vision to create a number of smaller venues throughout Europe and the Middle East. His wish was for persons in these regions who are not able to come to the Global Gathering in Anderson to have their own special meetings and benefit from this time. Rainer worked with church leaders and Global Missions missionaries serving in the region. They created small groups in a number of countries that will be celebrating what they are calling the “Global Fellowship” at the same time as we are celebrating here in the United States.

According to Rainer, the meetings will occur in Germany, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, France, England, Ukraine, and Russia. The Global Fellowship will last for two days and will include seminars on such topics as Growing Together by Growing in Christ, Growing Together by Serving Together, Being the Church in a Changing World, and the Body of Christ—Nurturing a Sacred Memory. Certain times have also been reserved for Skype communication with churches in India and between churches in several locations to share ideas and to fellowship with one another.

Missionary Dave Simpson shares about how they would be celebrating the Global Gathering in Bulgaria: “The nine Church of God congregations in Bulgaria will meet in Plovdiv on June 22. Two students from Fritzlar Bible College in Germany and a young couple from Pforzheim, Germany, will also attend, helping to provide an international flair.” Dave continues, “The group will view video greetings from Church of God brothers and sisters in India and Bangladesh. We will also have a telephone conference with a congregation in Africa. This event is a great opportunity for the Bulgarian church to understand that they are a part of a worldwide body of believers.”

Please pray for the Global Gathering and the Global Fellowship meetings that are truly happening as one worldwide event.

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