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A.One.8 is a program offered by Spread the Word and Global Strategy to provide cross-cultural learning for students. It was launched in the summer of 2017 with a pilot group of twelve participants from across the United States. Students spent two weeks at Warner University and the HEART Village in Lake Wales, Florida, followed by a week in the Dominican Republic. Some of the trainings offered included basic conversational Spanish, the global church, and practical ministry training.


This three- to four-week cross-cultural training program is held during off-IYC years (odd-numbered years) and is designed for students who have completed at least their junior year of high school.

The goal of A.One.8 is to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of young adults about cross-cultural ministry, giving them a snapshot of life in community, so they can return to their home churches and be a missional influence.

This internship opportunity for 2019 will cost $2,500 and includes transportation, meals, lodging, and at least a week in a foreign country (location to-be-determined.) To check out pictures and videos from the last A.One.8 experience, go to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Applications are being accepted through October 15, 2018

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