A Liturgy for Ukraine

 In Disaster Relief, MOVE

Today marks two years since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. 

As we pause to remember those impacted by the war in Ukraine on this day, will you join us in praying the following liturgy? This prayer is designed to highlight specific ways in which Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief and Restoration remains in solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and asks the Holy Spirit to bear fruit in and through these unique ministries globally. 

LOVE Where seeds of hatred have been planted in the hearts of those wounded and those wounding, we pray for miraculous love.  

JOY As Ukrainian Church of God communities witness many people coming to faith in Jesus, we pray for great joy. 

PATIENCE For Bulgarian teachers diligently providing language classes and professional counseling services to Ukrainian refugees, we pray for patience. 

KINDNESS Among the displaced families now living in Church of God buildings in Ukraine, we pray for kindness to bind them together in unity. 

GOODNESS For men, women, and children displaced by the war, we pray for goodness to grow in the lands where they now reside.  

FAITHFULNESS Over Pastor Stepan and Church of God leaders now pastoring displaced families in Calw, Germany, we pray for faithfulness. 

GENTLENESS As the Church of God in Hungary faithfully delivers relief provisions to those who remain in Ukraine, we pray their gentleness will be a witness to many. 

SELF-CONTROL For Global Strategy staff and missionaries who must make critical decisions surrounding the administration of relief funds, we pray for wisdom and self-control. 

PEACE In the face of a long, painful war, we look to You—our Prince of Peace—and we cry, “Come Lord Jesus, come.”  


To financially support ongoing relief ministries in Ukraine, gifts can be made to Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief. 100% of your donation goes to assist those affected by the war in Ukraine, as well as other Church of God communities affected by disaster globally. STAY UP TO DATE on all current disaster responses here. 

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