9/11: The Church of God Remembers

 In Youth Ministries

In this momentous time in the life of our nation, pray for our leadership—the current leaders and those who will lead us in the future. Let us give thanks for our blessings. Let us give thanks to God for those who have defended our values and made the supreme sacrifice.

Let the enormity of the events of 9/11 serve as a reminder of our connection to one another and our call to lift one another in prayer. As you go throughout the day, take a few moments to remember and pray.

•    Pray for the families that were most impacted by this event as they continue to struggle its aftermath.
•    Pray for a Christ awakening.
•    Pray for those who are charged with protecting our nation from terrorist attacks.
•    Pray for repentance for the evil advanced within our own borders.
•    Pray for a greater dependence on God our Father who is our greatest protector.
•    Pray for personal and cultural transformation.
•    Pray for daily diligence against any efforts of the evil one to have us live a life that is not God-honoring.
•    Pray for a life of peace that is present no matter what happens.
•    Pray for lives more informed by the Bible.
•    Pray for lives daily opened to the leading and transformation of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord bless you today.

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