Child Sponsorship Ministry Celebrates Spiritual Harvest

 In All Church of God

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By Tori Allen

You’ve heard the common saying, “The children are our future.” With the potential for greatness, the children we influence today may someday grow to create a better tomorrow. But what about the child that doesn’t even have access to the basic necessities? What is their future?

Reaching twenty-seven countries and more than 4,250 children around the world, Children of Promise lends a helping hand to those children who cannot help themselves.

Founded in 1992 by Jean and Sidney Johnson, Children of Promise was established with a firm vision and an unquenchable passion to assist every child in need around the world. Like many other programs, Children of Promise provides children with nutritious food, education, and health care; but the mission doesn’t stop there. Offering spiritual guidance, Children of Promise works through each country’s Church of God to introduce Jesus Christ and nurture the developing faith of those children in need.

To ensure the program’s vision, Children of Promise works through a group of passionate and dedicated program directors, three of whom are serving as missionaries through Church of God Ministries. Stationed around the world, these program directors typically live within the local communities and regularly attend to the needs of the children, including taking them to the doctor or even playing a game of soccer. With Children of Promise, no need goes unnoticed.

After twenty years of active service, Children of Promise is seeing the enduring results of their program; living out the effects of Children of Promise, these once needy children have grown into independent adults, becoming pastors, teachers, doctors, and so much more!

Next year, Children of Promise intends to celebrate its twenty-first anniversary by holding their second-ever training conference for program directors. Honoring their determination and diligence to serving the Lord, the training conference will unite these leaders from all corners of the globe.

Children of Promise has made incredible bounds over the years, saving thousands of children from the crippling effects of hunger, sickness, abuse, and homelessness. For more information about the work of Children of Promise, please visit:

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