23 E-Books Available from Warner Press

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With the release of three new fiction titles and the 2013 Church of God Yearbook, Warner Press will have a total of twenty-three e-books available by the end of December. According to Regina Jackson, Warner’s vice president of product development and marketing, electronic publishing is an important growth area for the company.

All but the Yearbook are available in Kindle editions through Amazon.com. “We will be adding other distribution outlets for these books throughout the month of December,” Jackson said.

The bestselling Egermeier’s Storybook is now available as an e-book, along with two series of Christian fantasy novels and a series of Christian historical novels for young readers. The Codebearers Series (for ages eight and up) features three volumes of stories about an adventurous teenage boy named Hunter Brown. The Amarias Adventure Series (for ages eight and up) already has two volumes, with two more coming in December: Curse of the Forbidden Book and Secret of the Giant’s Staircase.

The Holly Jean historical fiction series, Warner’s newest for young readers, will introduce Holly Jean and the Box in Granny’s Attic this month. These books will be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other popular e-commerce sites. Simply search for “Warner Press” under e-books. (NOTE: E-books are not sold on the Warner Press website itself.)

Warner’s newest e-books for adults include Smooth Hand Offs, a book about sharing your faith with the next generations, by Andy Stephenson, and Acquainted with Autism, a book about ministering to families of children with autism, by Sheila Gosney. Both were released in November.

Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain into Praise, by Linda Newton, was released in the fall of 2008 as Warner’s first e-book for adult readers. Another popular Warner e-book title is Banda Mission, an action-adventure novel by Ruben Schwieger.

The four-volume Ultimate Adventure Remix series of discipleship books for teenagers is available in Kindle and e-Pub formats. Warner offers both students’ journals and leaders’ guides in low-priced e-book editions.

Due to its complex material and layout, the Yearbook is not yet offered in Kindle or ePub formats. However, a secure and searchable PDF edition is available at a retail price of $18 or less.

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