From the beginning of time, humanity has been locked in a fight to be seen, to be heard, to be known, to be loved. Yes, even in the Garden, the first human beings weighed the options presented them by the serpent only to reveal underlying uncertainties about who they were and whose they were. The Creator had formed Adam and Eve from the dust, yet their perceptions of reality had been utterly distorted by competing voices clamoring for their attention.


Without a clear sense of who they were, the first man and woman drifted from God’s best. Could they be gods themselves? Were the opening arguments of the enemy of our souls that persuasive?

Still today, the imago Dei is overlooked and ignored, and the rights and privileges thereof traded for cheap imitation. For what hell says we are. For what popular culture says we ought to be.

Identity. How do we see ourselves? How do others see us? How does Jesus see us? And, who is he calling us to be? What are our foundation stones?

Answers to these and other questions are the very building blocks of who we are and why we exist. Our chief ambition during each of the three Church of God Regional Conventions, from coast to coast in the year 2022, is to wrestle with the questions all of us have asked at some point along life’s journey, those questions which frame our understanding of where we’re headed as a Movement of God’s own. These, too, are the questions with which the culture at large has already wrestled to the ground, contesting the central tenets the church has unwittingly thought fixed in time and space. And, these are the questions falling on the doorsteps of our local churches with increasing regularity.

What, then, are we as the people of the Church of God movement, to do? How are we to respond in such a manner that is both true and loving? Real and redemptive? Substantive, yet practical?

We aim to explore what have become known as our five non-negotiables—1) Jesus is the subject, Lord of all, Son of God and Son of Man; 2) the Holy Spirit and his empowerment to holiness; 3) that we have been called to be a catalyst for Christian unity; 4) the Great Commandments; and 5) the supremacy of Scripture.

But wait, there’s more. Additionally, there are sixteen doctrinal statements outlined in the Credentials Manual of the Church of God, approved by the General Assembly in 2019, which capture an exegesis of the Word embedded in our history and identity. How do these GA-approved assertions espouse our identity as individuals, local churches, the Church of God movement, and broader body of Christ?

Join us. Dig in with us. Dialogue with us. Dare to dive into a family discussion as we come face to face, once again, with our IDENTITY.



APRIL 26-28, 2022
Destiny Christian Fellowship
Fremont, CA


JUNE 21-23, 2022
Madison Park Church of God
Anderson, IN


OCTOBER 13-16, 2022

In conjunction with the Church of God Women’s Convention

Orlando, FL



Speakers & Special Guests

Hosanna Wong

Hosanna Wong is an author, Bible teacher, and spoken-word artist, sharing captivating stories of a powerful God with churches, conferences, prisons, and other venues around the country, year-round. She is passionate about empowering this


generation to know who they are and boldly live out their purpose. Her sermons and spoken-word pieces are rooted in her upbringing on the streets of San Francisco; her firsthand experiences with loss, hope, and redemption; and her innermost desires to see lives healed and restored by the power of Jesus.
Hosanna is the teaching pastor at EastLake Church in the San Diego area and the executive director of Calvary Street Ministries, an outreach bringing hope to the homeless and low-income families in San Francisco. Under the name Hosanna Poetry, she has released two spoken-word albums—Maps, Boots, & Other Ways We Get There (2013) and Figless (2015)—and authored two books, I Have a New Name (2017) and Superadded (2018).

James Hume

James Hume serves as worship arts pastor for Highland Park Community Church in Casper, Wyoming, where he oversees a large multifaceted team of paid staff and volunteers. In addition to leading worship each week, James has found he has


a gifting in walking alongside others, patiently encouraging them to grow into the calling God has placed on their lives. James is known for leading through humility and taking a team approach while being open to, and welcoming, new thoughts and ideas. His greatest desire is for the worship experience to connect people to God, where they can experience the life-changing power of Jesus.

James and his wife Gretchen (Dreger) of 21 years, have four children, ages 10 to 19. His love of music seeps into every aspect of his life and, in his free time, you will often find him listening to other artists, not only for the enjoyment of it, but to challenge himself and hone his craft. With so many things moving online during the last year, James started a YouTube channel comprised of music and messages intended to bring encouragement and hope to others. James also loves to watch medical shows, try out new restaurants (mostly for the desserts!), and spend time with his family.

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