130+ Years and Still a Strong Calling to Serve the Church: A Letter from the President of Warner Press

 In All Church of God

By Eric King

Since the days when Warner Press was still known as the Gospel Trumpet Company, our calling has always been to serve the Church of God. Initially acting as the voice and publishing house of the Reformation Movement, Warner Press expanded into various areas such as bulletins, books, and other church supplies. However, as time and technology moved forward, it became clear that there was a growing need within the church, and we want to serve that need.

In 2018, Warner Press began exploring new ways to serve the Church of God beyond traditional church resource products. The research showed that over the past two decades, technology has fundamentally changed how people engage with one another. Churches are not exempt from this change. In fact, many churches sought to embrace these new methods to better reach their congregations and further fulfill their purpose.

However, coupled with other changes, church staffs quickly found themselves spending more and more time doing administrative work rather than what they felt called to do—serve in ministry. Warner Press felt compelled to find a resolution to the issue. Relying on years of experience and listening to our customers, Tri-Fire Services was born.

Tri-Fire Services is an outreach where Warner Press desires to partner with the Church of God churches to find new and innovative ways to reduce or eliminate the administrative work and give back that which has been lost: the resource of time. In this partnership, a dedicated, experienced, and confidential Tri-Fire staff will work closely with the leaders of each church to gain a more personal and deeper understanding of their needs and how to help meet those needs.

The initial first step is to provide accounting and bookkeeping-related services, ranging from reporting to recording expenses. The long-term goal is to expand into other service solutions. Warner Press/Tri-Fire recognizes the financial struggles of many churches and wants to lend expert knowledge to help develop a firmer foundation on which the church can make financial decisions by providing a lower-cost option to accounting efforts. A stronger foundation means faster decisions, which in-turn provides more time to work on the church’s goals. As a part of this process, Tri-Fire gains perspective. The insight will allow Tri-Fire to explore other opportunities that exist and bring them to the church for feedback. This creates an informed partnership where the benefits for the church are directly included.

Tri-Fire also understands that each church is different and has different needs. As such, Tri-Fire is not a one-size-fits-all approach to help meet needs. Tri-Fire is a tailored recognition of the specific struggles each individual church faces and provides individual solutions to those needs. While the current offerings are limited, Tri-Fire is excited to expand and serve in ways that truly help the Church of God grow and thrive.

To find out more, check website at www.warnerpress.org/tri-fire-services.

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