General Director’s Office:

  • Jim Lyon
    Jim Lyon General Director
  • Becky Arthur
    Becky Arthur Executive Assistant to the General Director

Executive Leadership Team:

  • Bob Moss
    Bob Moss Chief Advancement Officer
  • Ben Shular
    Ben Shular Chief International Officer
  • Handel Smith
    Handel Smith Chief Domestic Officer
  • Natalie Farmer
    Natalie Farmer Chief Financial and Operations Officer
  • Victoria Fedor
    Victoria Fedor Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Executive Assistants:

  • Cheryl Elff
    Cheryl Elff Executive Assistant to Bob Moss
  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller Executive Assistant to Ben Shular
  • Tamera Wilkinson
    Tamera Wilkinson Executive Assistant to Handel Smith
  • Courtney Wehrley
    Courtney Wehrley Executive Assistant to Natalie Farmer


  • Ben Shular
    Ben Shular Chief International Officer
  • Stephen R. Lewis
    Stephen R. Lewis Associate Director
  • Debbie Taylor
    Debbie Taylor Living Link Specialist
  • Erin Rockhill
    Erin Rockhill Global Strategy Assistant
  • M. Andrew Gale
    M. Andrew Gale Projects, Coaching, and Trips
  • Alyse Hoover
    Alyse Hoover Financial Specialist


  • Handel Smith
    Handel Smith Chief Domestic Officer
  • Andy Stephenson
    Andy Stephenson Associate Director of Domestic Ministries
  • Joe Cookston
    Joe Cookston CARE Director
  • Xen Riggs
    Xen Riggs Director of Chaplain Ministries
  • Paul Dreger
    Paul Dreger SHAPE Director
  • Ryan Chapman
    Ryan Chapman Coordinator of Credentialing
  • Jeannette Flynn
    Jeannette Flynn Leadership Focus Program Manager
  • Paula Walford
    Paula Walford Leadership Focus Program Coordinator & Credentials Assistant
  • Joyce Hazen
    Joyce Hazen Credentialing Assistant
  • Tami Byrd
    Tami Byrd North American Youth Ministry Project Coordinator


  • Bob Moss
    Bob Moss Chief Advancement Officer
  • Ann Brandon
    Ann Brandon Advancement Director
  • Darryl Allen
    Darryl Allen Advancement and Church Partnership Director
  • Carl Stagner
    Carl Stagner Staff Writer and Editor
  • Abby Knowles
    Abby Knowles Strategic Project Coordinator
  • Roz Hency
    Roz Hency Resource Specialist


  • John Walters
    John Walters Coordinator Christians Broadcasting Hope
  • Jared Powell
    Jared Powell Mass Media Specialist


  • Abby Hewitt
    Abby Hewitt Director of Accounting
  • Andy Denniston
    Andy Denniston Staff Accountant - Receipts
  • Laura Wallace
    Laura Wallace Staff Accountant - Disbursements
  • Jamil Al-Rabadi
    Jamil Al-Rabadi Staff Accountant - Payroll and Benefits
  • Cameron Gamble
    Cameron Gamble IT Specialist
  • Charity Harvey
    Charity Harvey Customer Care Director
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