The International Youth Convention of the Church of God, better known as IYC, was launched in 1924 as a youth day. In 1930, the first three-day, biennial youth convention was held. Over the seventy-two years that have followed, International Youth Conventions have been held in all regions of the United States—as well as in three Canadian provinces.

In the late 1990s, the Youth Ministry Team developed an overall purpose statement for IYC: to create a moment for life change. This purpose drives everything that happens at the convention. Because of IYC, thousands of young men and women have made life-changing decisions. Hundreds have decided to go into full-time vocational ministry or missions, and hundreds more have indicated they are serious about living as Christ-centered leaders.

Since 1992, participants have given back to each host city with an estimated $500,000 worth of volunteer service hours in total. More than 63,000 pounds of garbage was picked up in one city alone. Still, the giving goes beyond the IYC host cities. Since 1998, nearly 4,200 attendees have participated in IYC-related mission experiences in eleven countries. Over 40,000 students and leaders have attended IYC since 2002. IYC wants to make a lasting difference. Since 2006, IYC has partnered with churches in communities where the event has been held to help plant churches and serve in various ways with existing churches.

IYC also helps to nurture a giving heart and a lifetime focus on others. Collectively, students have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Spread the Word, allowing young people to purchase practical tools and resources for evangelism worldwide.

IYC welcomes all churches and leaders from any Bible-believing church group or denomination.

Have you ever wondered how IYC comes together?

Planning begins four to five years in advance. The IYC director and Church of God event planner visit the convention city to contract with the convention center and the hotels.

Several years ago, the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) and the Youth Network Team (YNT) decided on a sequence of four rotating cities (San Antonio, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Nashville, Tennessee)* with the option of a fifth wildcard city. These cities provide different types of experiences for students from all areas of the country.

Once the city is confirmed, the Student Leadership Team (SLT) meets with the YMT in the convention city around eighteen months before the upcoming convention. Together, through much prayer and discussion, they set the theme, schedule, and decide on artists and speakers. They come back together around one year prior to the convention to complete the student conference schedule and select the leaders of those conferences.

The IYC director, event planners, and other key staff members make numerous trips during the two-year period between conventions to make sure that things are in order for you to experience a moment of life change. Everything we do is driven by one question: “Does this create a moment for life change?” We never seek to do anything at IYC that doesn’t set attendees up for that powerful connection to God and his Holy Spirit.

Additionally, we believe that prayer unleashes God’s power; therefore, hundreds of prayer partners start to pray for the convention months before it starts; a prayer guide goes out to all churches in the early months of the convention year; the name of every preregistered attendee is sent to a prayer counselor to pray over before the convention; the pre-convention prayer walk service allows students and leaders to walk the convention area through guided prayer the day before the event; and, our on-site staff and team of prayer intercessors are praying for IYC participants.

As IYC2018 approaches, begin to pray with us for that moment of life change for all who attend.


Seventh-grade graduates to seniors in high school and adult leaders.


The 51st International Youth Convention of the Church of God Ministries to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana


July 2–5, 2018


Indianapolis, Indiana


To create a moment for life change.


International Youth Convention (IYC) is a four-day biennial gathering of high school students and adult leaders for a moment of life change.


Early Bird Bonus $130 per person (postmarked by January  25, 2018)
Early Bird $145 per person (postmarked by March 22, 2018)
Convention Registration $160 per person (postmarked by May 11, 2018)
At the door Registration $175 per person

Cancellations: There is a $50 cancellation fee for any cancellation made ON or BEFORE May 11, 2018. Cancellations made after this date will NOT be refunded. You may, however, add a person to your group and transfer a canceled registration to that person if done IN WRITING by May 11, 2018.


Once your group has submitted at least one paid registration for IYC2018, a link to the housing packet will be sent to your main youth group leader in the confirmation e-mail. This will include a code which will allow rooms to be booked at our reduced rates. When you receive it, please read through your housing packet carefully and follow the provided instructions to make your reservations through the online system.

Remember: We have worked very hard to lower room costs for you and your group. In order to honor our contracts, we must meet our minimum guarantee. If an IYC attendee chooses to stay at a non-contracted hotel, an additional fee of $75/person will be added to his/her registration fee. Thank you for your understanding.

For a current list of reduced rates click here!

What's New in 2018

Seventh grade graduates are now allowed to come to IYC.

Who do I contact for more information?

IYC2018 –  Church of God Ministries, PO Box 2420, Anderson, IN 46018

800-848-2464   •  email: iyc@chog.org  •  youth@chog.org

IYC 2018 High School Band

Do you know a student who would love to help lead worship at IYC2018?  High School Band applications are being accepted until August 15, 2017. This band will help lead worship at the International Youth Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana during the summer of 2018. If you know a high school student interested in trying out on guitar, drums, bass, keys, or voice who meets the following requirements, have them fill out the application.

This band will help lead worship at the International Youth Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana during the summer of 2018.  If you know a high school student interested in trying out on guitar, drums, bass, keys, or voice who meets the following requirements, have them fill out the application at IYC BAND APPLICATION.


IYC=LIFE CHANGE. This is what IYC (International Youth Convention) is all about. As we plan each and every aspect of IYC, we ask ourselves, will this help create a moment for life change? When we think about what God has done over the last few years at IYC, we are overwhelmed!

Date Discount Cost
January 25, 2018 Early Bird Bonus $130 per person
March 22, 2018 Early Bird $145 per person
May 11, 2018 Convention Registration $160 per person
Day of Event Door $175 per person

REFUND DATE MAY 11  (there is a $50 non-refundable fee)


IYC? There’s an app for that! Check out the Apple App Store or Google Play and search “International Youth Convention.” This free mobile app will help you stay up to date with all the news regarding IYC2018!

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