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November 2016

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Bringing the Message
and the Mission
Back into Focus

Collage: Handel Smith, Ryan Chapman, Paul Dreger, David Ferguson


Imagine a world where churches were less focused on method, and more focused on message. Picture a scenario where more congregations were so busy with the mission that they didn't have time or energy to bicker over which programs get the largest share of the budget. What if believers were known everywhere as disciples who make disciples, who make disciples? It's possible. It's even biblical. But it's not commonplace. In mid-October, three members of the Domestic Ministries Team of Church of God Ministries returned from a pastoral leadership summit in Akron, Ohio, that zeroed in on this divine dream. Several Church of God leaders are now gearing up for training over the next year to help Church of God congregations bring the message and mission back into focus.






IYC Students Underwrite Christian Camp Costs for Muslim Refugees


Photo_ Cry Out to the Lord at Wilson Heights First Church_ Charlotte_ NC



"You accepted us like family. Here we weren't the foreigners---the refugees. We were part of the group. Thank you." When the Church of God is willing to work together to advance the kingdom, people notice. Lives are touched. Hearts are softened. Seeds are planted. History tells us many of these seeds not only germinate, but bear fruit and spread more seeds. This summer, moved by the refugee crisis in our world today, Church of God leaders in Germany committed to invest in six refugees from Afghanistan. 

By Faith and Not by Sight: A Blind Minister's Vision Realized 


Photo: Sarah Blake LaRose



A complication of premature birth, blindness has been an ever-present struggle for Sarah Blake LaRose. Though she's had to endure the great challenges of blindness, and a variety of other physical hardships, she's also seen clearly the beautiful nuances of life that many with fully functioning eyes may never see. Moreover, her contributions to society, particularly for the blind community, have been astounding. So astounding, in fact, that she was named one of this year's Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award winners by the National Federation of the Blind. Sarah, who envisioned equal accessibility to scholarly study of the Bible for the blind, has, in many ways, herself contributed to the realization of that dream.


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