A fusion of voices collaborating in one safe, wide open space. The ChoG table is where we come to gather around the most challenging issues of our time. This space will be anchored in scripture, honor disparate views, and seek the common ground that unifies our movement with Jesus as the subject.

For information on the ChoG Table, email Andy Stephenson at

In conjunction with ChoG regional meetings in 2016, the final ChoG Table was held on:
September 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Racial Unity.

The dates for the ChoG regional meeting and ChoG Table combined were:
September 27–29, 2016—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Speakers
Table Topic: Racial Unity

CHOG Table Commission
for Philadelphia, PA

The commission is a group of unique, qualified and diverse individuals, formed for the purpose of helping the Movement respond to the challenges of our time. They are chosen to be present to listen at the ChoG table and to interact with other participants. After the event their mission is to help craft a statement of clarity to be a resource, available for churches to utilize within 6-9 months of the table. The CHOG Table Commission members for the Philadelphia, PA Convention are Dr. Curtiss DeYoung, Kevin Earley, Scott Evans, Dale Gruver, Cynthia Mansfield, Paul McAllister, Ramon Rivera, and Dr. Cheryl Sanders.

Coming Soon—CHOG Table Videos

Video of the CHOG Table speaker sessions (Vancouver, Washington; Anderson, Indiana; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) will be posted with the commission statement on each issue in the spring/summer of 2017.

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