Jim Lyon, General Director, Church of God Ministries

It was a very eventful year. Jane Wyman, who would become an Academy Award-winning actress and the first wife of Ronald Reagan, was born. John F. Kennedy was born, too, as was American jazz great Ella Fitzgerald. The first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded and the National Hockey League was formed. Finland declared its independence from Russia, but the Czar had bigger problems to worry about: Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks would later in the year assume full control of what would shortly become the Soviet Union.
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Complimentary Wichita Registration Opportunity for Pastors

This is too good to pass up! If you’re a credentialed pastor in the Church of God, you, your spouse, and board members have the opportunity to take advantage of complimentary registration for Church of God Convention 2017 in Wichita, Kansas, June 20–23. Sure, there is a catch. But this one you’ll appreciate! Sign up for the training seminar with CARE—Clergy Advocacy and Resource Effort—of the Church of God, and you’ll not only be granted free admission to Reclaim 2017 in Wichita, but you’ll also receive a modest voucher to assist in convention travel expenses. Far from a timeshare sales pitch, this event will train Church of God pastors and congregational board members with insights, best practices, and resources to understand, plan for, and manage pastoral compensation and financial matters. CARE is the new initiative funded by a Lilly grant awarded to Church of God Ministries in 2015.
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Journey to the Holy Land with CBH

Perhaps as you’ve read the journeys of Jesus in Scripture you have thought, “I wish I could see that place.” Maybe you have traveled to the Holy Land and want to return again to try and soak it all in. Either way, please consider joining us in January 2018. The reading of Scripture comes alive in new ways when you sit on the Teaching Steps of the Southern Wall of old Jerusalem or feel the gentle waves and breeze of the beautiful Sea of Galilee.
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